Best Computer Ever

30 01 2008

The iPod Touch is the best computer that I have ever owned.I never would have believed it but it has almost completely replaced my laptop for web-browsing when I’m at home. It is much better at contact and calendar management than my mobile when I’m out and keeps me entertained as well. I can’t wait for an iPhone now.

Update: 2 years on, and I now have an Android phone which is vastly superior and have never owned an iPhone.


Random thoughts for today

24 09 2007

Right so birthday was last week. I’m now 23 and facing the harsh reality that no one cares about your freakin birthday when you get older. Had a really good dinner though on Sat night at the Grand Hotel in Richmond which has a funky Italian style dining room. Service was great too. The light on the horizon is the iPod touch that I will be getting very shortly to replace my ancient 20GB 4G iPod. V excited about that and glad that all the screen issues seem to be getting sorted.

I have also recently rediscovered and am trying to use it to find interesting stuff to read while I’m at work. I think I’ve read the whole internets by now and I’m bored. It also does automatic daily link posts which I have always hated on other sites but now have to have now. So enjoy! 🙂

Finally, my last day at my current job cannot come soon enough. The 26th of November is the day I think. Then its off to Thailand for a month, back home for Christmas and Jan and Feb off until I have to become a grown up and start wearing a suit everyday in Warrnambool.

Oh, and check out these photos of 40 of the new fatboy Nanos all laid out. Its all over the interwebs by now.