Quitting Smoking is Hard

9 08 2007

But not as hard as I thought. I’ve smoked since I was 15 and the idea of a beer and a cigarette are intimately linked to each other. Breaking the habit is fucking hard. As is overcoming the overwhelming desire for a cigarette that stems from the physical addiction.  I’ve used patches this time (and its more expensive than smoking! 30 bucks a week! ((smoking rollies anyway))) and they have made a huge difference as far as I can tell. Coming up on 4 weeks or so now and I’ve gone the odd day without the patches or a cigarette. I’ve also had a few cigarettes but I’m trying to be fairly relaxed about that and not get too worked up over the whole endeavour.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on a bike because all my mates had bikes so I had to have one too, and that is quite a motivation to get my ass into gear. And, so far so good.


Moving to Warrnambool

21 07 2007

Well it took a while, but its confirmed and I do have a job next year.

I will be making my up to Warrnambool, which is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Melbourne on a good day. I’ll be starting in March next year or thereabouts so will be able to kick back for a few months after graduating from uni.  I’m actually quite excited about making the move and look forward to setting up house and maybe joining the footy club etc. I wont miss all my weekends being taken up by work, and will come down to Melbourne pretty regularly.

So it looks like I might be a lawyer after all.

Anyone from Warrnambool or who has spent significant time there and has suggestions re restaurants, housing etc. please send them through!

I might have a job next year!

6 07 2007

I had an interview today and I think I might actually have a job next year. Will have a confirmation within the week. Hurray!