Don’t need to compensate for anything?

10 05 2007


If you live in Australia and don’t feel the need to drive a car with an engine that compensates for deficiencies in other areas then this site may be for you. OzHotHatches is a new forum for those of us who drive cars that can actually make it round a corner and don’t burn hundreds of litres of fuel in the process.

You can discuss new models, get tuning tips and have a look at what other people are driving. Most of the discussion seems to be around Euro models which get a bit neglected in Aus.


Atheism and Clogs. Linked?

10 05 2007

You should also check out Ben’s blog which revolves around his trip to Europe and associated musings. Its the associated musings that I’m concerned with here. There’s some really interesting posts re religion and atheism which I might cover later.

Have a look at the appropriately titled Clog Blog

In the meantime…

10 05 2007

While I get this can o’ worms up and running check out my mate Mike’s blog. When you say to Mike, “I heard this awesome band named “x” recently”, he says “yeah, I saw them live last week and have their entire back catalogue at home”. I’ve already found some good music reviewed on there such as Fionn Regan.

Link: nobodymove!