State of the Union

4 05 2008

Its 15 mins to midday on Sunday and I’m on the couch with my laptop watching Family Guy. Life is tough.

The move to Warrnambool has generally been a good one. Work is bearable and actually interesting at points. I’ve started to build up a decent group of friends around town. There’s lots of young people who have moved here for work. Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists, Dieticians, and too many lawyers.

I’ve been learning to surf, but going to pack that in for the year now that its getting cold. Quitting smoking hasn’t gone to plan, but will get there one day I hope.

Money is very tight unfortunately. Two people living off one very measly income is not as fun as its sounds. Not much to complain about though, we’re never going to have trouble paying the rent or anything because we both have parents that would help out before that ever happened.

I very much needed a break this weekend. All that remains to be seen is how many wills I will have to draft this week.




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