8 things about me

9 08 2007

1. I’m slightly anal
2. I recently listened to my first audio book (Dune unabridged – recommended)
3. I speak a little Spanish
4. I recently bought a road bike and sort of like wearing Lycra
5. I’m a bigger nerd that any of my friends
6. I spent 4 months in Europe last year
7. I’m looking forward to setting up house in Warrnambool next year
8. I don’t know if I will like being a lawyer but I’ll give it a try

Apparently the idea of this is to tag 8 other people in your post, sort of like a blog chain letter (God I hate chain letters) I don’t think I know that many people with blogs…


All of these are worth a read for their own special reasons.

That’s all I got.




2 responses

19 08 2007
peter wells


thanks for the plug! if you ever wanna host wordpress under your own domain name, i’ll host you for free..


2 04 2008
Fulltime Casual » 8 Random Facts

[…] Specht tagged me in the 8 random facts meme. Actually, just going through my links, the lovely Tim McCulloch tagged me on the same thing last August, i just suck at getting things […]

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