Moving to Warrnambool

21 07 2007

Well it took a while, but its confirmed and I do have a job next year.

I will be making my up to Warrnambool, which is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Melbourne on a good day. I’ll be starting in March next year or thereabouts so will be able to kick back for a few months after graduating from uni.  I’m actually quite excited about making the move and look forward to setting up house and maybe joining the footy club etc. I wont miss all my weekends being taken up by work, and will come down to Melbourne pretty regularly.

So it looks like I might be a lawyer after all.

Anyone from Warrnambool or who has spent significant time there and has suggestions re restaurants, housing etc. please send them through!


I might have a job next year!

6 07 2007

I had an interview today and I think I might actually have a job next year. Will have a confirmation within the week. Hurray!

Up in smoke

1 07 2007

Smoky Pubs From The Age website.

We wont see anymore of this in Melbourne. Today is July 1st and that means no smoking inside licensed premises anymore in Victoria. As much as I’d like not to be, I am currently a smoker and I think its great that in clubs and other enclosed spaces, not only will people not have to deal with my smoke but I wont have to deal with theirs when I dont want to. Lots of pubs and bars have created some great outdoor spaces to deal with the ban as well which will be great for everyone. I look forward to sitting out on a roof top in the coming summer.

What I will miss is having cigarette and a beer in the dodgy old local pub when your just sitting and having a chat. I dont relish having to go outside in the middle of winter and a lot of people will probably give up as a result.

Just as I think it is extremely weird that that people could smoke on trains and trams when my parents were growing up, my kids will probably think it was weird that you used to be able to smoke indoors anywhere.

Oh well, I’m just going to pop outside for a cigarette.